Thursday, November 15, 2007

Book #39 - Swept Away by Toni Blake

Format: Trade Paperback, 265 pages
Pub. Date: September 2006
Genre: Romance
Series: not part of a series
Bought at the Radcliff Bookstore I believe when I met the author and had it signed!!!

From the Publisher

Five days before her wedding to a man she admires but doesn't love, Katrina Spencer escapes to a private island. There, she can let the sun warm her body as she contemplates a future without the passion she craves. Then she lazily opens her eyes, only to see Brock Denton . . . muscular, half-naked, the one who got away—the one who makes her body tingle with arousal.

How Brock arrived is a mystery, but it's clear he's in danger. Kat faces danger, too, in the arms of a man who is determined to free her from her every inhibition with his hands, his mouth, and more!

Kat has five steamy days and five sultry nights to make up her mind—return home to a man she doesn't love, or satisfy her wildest passions with Brock and let herself be . . . swept away.

My Opinion of the Book

I can't believe I missed posting this book on here!!! I just realized it wasn't on here when blogging about Voyeur by Toni's alter-ego, Lacey Alexander. I absolutely loved Swept Away by this author as well! The plot of the book was great and I thoroughly enjoyed how the story progressed as well as ended. The "naughty scenes" in this book were extremely good for a non-erotica book and seemed very believable. I think Toni/Lacey definitely knows the way to write steamy scenes!!!! I highly recommend books by "both" authors!!!

Book #38 - Voyeur by Lacey Alexander

ISBN: 9780451221193
Format: Trade Paperback, 265 pages
Pub. Date: May 1, 2007
Genre: Erotica
Series: not part of a series (sadly!!!)
Bought at the Radcliff Bookstore I believe when I met the author and had it signed!!!

From the Publisher

Suffering from writer's block and with no lover to speak of, novelist Laura Watkins is in a funk. She needs a getaway and a release. Fast. Fortunately, she finds both in the retreat of a friend's isolated Colorado home. It's hers and hers alone for as long as she needs it. Then she comes upon the webcam, and her curiosity is aroused. So is her secret fantasy-to be watched by a stranger.

His screen name is Flyboy. He likes what he sees. He wants to open up for her, too. Now, they're only one click away from exploring an after-hours game of exhibitionist and voyeur where anything goes. But now it's time to take it one step further-by meeting in the flesh. This time, no rules, no limits, and absolutely nothing to come between them.

My Opinion of the Book

I believe that this is my new favorite book for 2007!!! I couldn't put it down for long at all! I typically read rather slow and most books will put me to sleep, even if I'm enjoying them, but I never fell asleep reading this book! Lacey Alexander filled this book to the brim with various sexual exploitations and made the characters realistic so they were all believable. The only thing negative I found about this book is that now I'm hoping there is a Braden or Sloane out there for myself! I highly recommend this book to those that enjoy VERY sexy erotica!!! And for those that like things a bit tamer... check out Toni Blake's books as that is Lacey's pen name and those books are a little less steamy and more romance-y! ;)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Book #37 - An Ice Cold Grave by Charlaine Harris

ISBN: 9780425217290
Format: Hardback, 280 pages
Pub. Date: September 25, 2007
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Series: #3 in the Harper Connelly series
Laura (CTGMOM) checked out from her library for me to borrow

From the Publisher

Hired to find a boy gene missing in Doraville, North Carolina, Harper Connelly and her brother Tolliver head there-only to discover that the boy was only one of several who had disappeared over the previous five years. All of them teenagers. All unlikely runaways.

All calling for Harper.

Harper soon finds them-eight victims, buried in the half-frozen ground, all come to an unspeakable end. Afterwards, what she most wants to do is collect her fee and get out of town ahead of the media storm that's soon to descend. But when she's attacked and prevented from leaving, she reluctantly becomes a part of the investigation as she learns more than she cares to about the dark mysteries and long-hidden secrets of Doraville-knowledge that makes her the next person likely to rest in an ice-cold grave.

My Opinion of the Book

I am still loving this series!!! Harris keeps her books suspenseful and makes the reader wonder all through the book. I think this is my favorite book yet in this series and I can't wait until the next one is released (whenever that may be!!!). The character progression in this book made me quite happy and I can't wait to see what will come next. After this book, though, I don't know how much more Harper can take! The fact that she had to take on a case with multiple deaths was quite the challenge for her. She's a strong gal though so I'm sure she'll keep at what she does best!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Book #36 - Sexy Beast by Kate Douglas, Noelle Mack, and Vivi Anna

ISBN: 0758214855
Format: Trade Paperback, 256 pages
Pub. Date: March 1, 2006
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Series: #2 in the Wolf Tales series (1 of the 3 stories)
Purchased for $12.95 from Borders or Barnes & Noble most likely

From the Publisher

Some men are more than meets the eye -- much, much more. And when they unleash a woman’s wildest desires -- her deepest, animal hunge -- the results are primal, magical, and undeniably hot...

Chanku Rising Kate Douglas

Xandi, Keisha, Stefan and Anton share a powerful secret: they are shapeshifters whose primal power and heightened senses bring an added ecstasy to their lovemaking that is beyond all words. Now, one of their own is threatened by a danger from the outside, from one determined to expose their sexy secrets, and the friends will go to any lengths to save her and their clan...

Tiger, Tiger Noelle Mack

In the demon-haunted Himalayas, where illusion and reality are often one and the same, strange things happen. For a hard-bodied, world-class climber -- a man of unearthly sensuality -- that border will be challenged in the most erotic of encounters. In the guise of a blue-eyed snow tiger, he is able to lure one intrepid woman into his mountain lair and show her that the line between man and beast is blissfully slim indeed...

Night Of The Jaguar Vivi Anna

When Myra Galas finally takes her dream trip to the Amazon, she never imagines it will end in tragedy. Wounded and alone, Myra’s mind is stalked by a dark, sexy male -- sometimes man, sometimes jaguar -- she inexplicably craves with every inch of her body. When she wakes to find herself in his powerful arms, he stirs something deep inside her—an ancient, hedonistic desire clawing to be set free...

Open yourself to pleasure and indulge the beast within...

My Opinion of the Book

After having read Douglas' first Wolf Tales book I couldn't resist picking up Sexy Beast since it continued the story about Xandi, Keisha, Stefan, and Anton from WT 1. I was not disappointed in what I found in this book as I liked how Douglas concluded the current WT storyline. I am glad to hear that these characters will reappear in future WT books though. As for the Mack and Anna stories... I will DEFINITELY be looking to read more by these two authors. TIGER, TIGER by Mack makes me look at my tiger collection in a whole 'nother way. I keep hoping one of them will turn out to be a bit like Jack. Mmmm... And Miss Anna's story was also extremely sensual. I can't wait to read more by these authors and I especially am looking forward to the next installment of Wolf Tales.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Book #35 - Wolf Tales by Kate Douglas

ISBN: 0758213867
Format: Trade Paperback, 257 pages
Pub. Date: January 1, 2006
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Series: #1 in the Wolf Tales series
Purchased for $12.95 from Borders most likely

From the Publisher

When Alexandria's car goes off the road in a terrible blizzard, she has no idea night will bring a powerful rescuer and the start of an ecstatic sexual awakening. The moment Xandi wakes in Stefan's muscular arms, feels the heat of his body pressing against hers, she feels no fear. Instead, she allows herself to be taken by one who is more than a man, whose primal n ature is never far from him. As their connection grows, and as Xandi gradually loses her sensual inhibitions, experiencing pleasures she never dreamed possible, she is drawn deeper into Stefan's mysterious world, meeting the alluring beauty, Keisha, as well as the dominant and sometimes ruthlessly commanding Anton, who can have any man or woman he wants... in any way he wishes...

My Opinion of the Book

WOW! I don't know where to begin in describing this book. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the read! I recommend this book highly to anyone that loves their erotica spicy and in all varieties. I do not recommend this book to those that are offended by anything beyond the normal when it comes to sex. This book has a little of everything... girl/wolf, boy/wolf, boy/boy, girl/boy/boy, girl/girl, girl/wolf, etc... you get the idea! At any rate, Kate Douglas does a fabulous job describing the detailed sexual events, yet also holds the plot of the story throughout the book. With all the steaminess that went into this book I can't imagine what will come in the latter books considering I know there are at least 4 more and also some short stories that go with this story! *blink* I wonder if I've finally found an author that will make me blush?!??!!?!? Nah! Who am I kidding? LOL!!! Anyway, as I said, this was an awesome book and I do recommend to those that are open-minded! ;)

Book #34 - Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean

ISBN: 1428110836
Format: Audiobook, 6 CDs, 7.25 hrs
Pub. Date: June 6, 2005
Genre: Teen Fantasy
Series: #1 in the Vampirates series
Borrowed from New Albany library, though the actual book was here on Mt. TBR purchased from

From the Publisher

What could be worse than a vampirate? Half vampire, half pirate - shiver me timbers, how terrible they must be! Thankfully, most people will never have the misfortune of meeting a vampirate.

It's the year 2505 and the world's oceans have risen dramatically. In this new age, the vile practie of piracy is gaining ground, threatening seafarers of all types. During a mighty storm, twins Connor and Grace are separated when their boat is smashed. Each is rescued by a different ship. Connor is captured by a notorious band of pirates and forced to become one of them. Facing a different fate, Grace winds up on a ship of dark mysteries, imprisoned by its captain.

My Opinion of the Book

This was definitely not my favorite teen read, but still an enjoyable story. I'm actually looking forward to book 2 in order to see what happens next in the story. I do think it could have been a bit better written though and am hoping the author improves in the future books.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Book #33 - Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) by Jeff Strand

ISBN: 1594263485
Format: Trade Paperback, 188 pp
Pub. Date: March 2005
Genre: Comic Horror
Series: #1 in the Andrew Mayhem series
Bought at for $12

From the Publisher

When you're desperate for money, searching for a little adventure, and aren't the most responsible person in the world, you can end up doing some outrageous things. Which is how Andrew Mayhem, an extremely married father of two, ends up accepting $20,000 to find a key...a key buried with a body in a shallow grave.

But what he finds in the grave isn't quite what he expected, and what begins as a simple evening of morally questionable manual labor turns into a really good way to die. Andrew finds himself investigating a murder while forced into a bizarre game of wits and courage played by an unseen killer with a twisted sense of humor. It's a game that will involve him with a group of filmmakers known as Ghoulish Delights, who are hiding a secret that will test every last bit of Andrew's nerve to discover.

And it's impossible to find a babysitter.

My Opinion of the Book

This is my second time reading this book. I read it several years ago as part of a bookring. My stomach didn't churn as much this time around, but it's still extremely sick & twisted!!! Jeff Strand is my all-time favorite author, though it frightens me that he can come up with ideas like he puts in his stories. I highly recommend this series to all fans of horror and comedy as Strand is the king of mixing these two genres! I plan to re-read books 2 & 3 soon and then I'll be awaiting the release of the 4th installment in the Andrew Mayhem series. I can't wait!!!